HQ Auto & Leisure - Your Local Car Repairs Centre in Penrith

The Cumbrian countryside may be beautiful, but it sometimes isn’t so kind to our cars. There are no precautions you can take for rampaging wildlife bashing into your car; nor for the potholes around the darkened corner.
At HQ Auto & Leisure Penrith, we offer a remedy to these scuffs, bumps and “bruises” that can be caused by narrow lanes, stray stones, waving branches and wayward animals. We have all been driving along when suddenly something jumps in the road (usually a pheasant) and despite this creature being small in size, it can leave a hell of a dent in your bonnet.
We have facilities to make bodywork repairs and/or replacements for most vehicles. Our experienced mechanics are hardworking and are well versed in the replacement of tyres and batteries, fixing exhausts and adjusting towbars – amongst a range of other skills. Our spacious workshop premises allow us space to not only work on cars and small vans but caravans and motorhomes as well. We are able to offer car repairs in Penrith such as floor delaminating; skylight replacement; damp repairs – even general appliance repairs.
Give us a call on 01768 862376 or send us a message using our Contact page to discuss your requirements and book your repairs.